Ben Marzeion

Climate Scientist

Recent publications

Hock, R., Maussion, F., Marzeion, B., & Nowicki, S. (2023). What is the global glacier ice volume outside the ice sheets? Journal of Glaciology, doi:10.1017/jog.2023.1 

Möller, M., Navarro, F., Huss, M., Marzeion, B., 2023: Projected sea-level contributions from tidewater glaciers are highly sensitive to chosen bedrock topography: A case study at Hansbreen, Svalbard. Journal of Glaciology, doi:10.1017/jog.2022.117 

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Möller, M., Friedl, P., Palmer, S. J., and Marzeion, B., 2022: Grounding line retreat and ice discharge variability at two surging, ice shelf-forming basins of Flade Isblink ice cap, northern Greenland. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 127, e2021JF006302, DOI: 10.1029/2021JF006302 

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Marzeion, B., 2021: ESD Ideas: A weak positive feedback between sea level and the planetary albedo, Earth System Dynamics 12, 1057-1060, DOI: 10.5194/esd-12-1057-2021